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Connecticut Basement Systems Before & After Photos

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Basement Ceiling Remodeling

The ceiling of this Connecticut basement was very unattractive. Wire, pipes, and insulation were exposed to the room below. Connecticut Basement Systems recommends installing a drop ceiling when finishing basements. These allow easy access to shut off valves, wires, and pipes that lead to the rest of the home. The tiles of our drop ceilings are made of mineral wool, making them completely inorganic. Mold can only grow on organic material, so mold or mildew will never be an issue on our ceiling tiles. They will not sag from moisture in the middle, giving an eternal crisp, clean finish. Our tiles even come with a 30 year warranty against mold and sagging. After the installation of the new drop ceiling, the basement was much brighter and had a clean appearance. The stylish crown molding around the perimeter of the room gives a beautiful transition to where the wall meets the ceiling.

This was exactly what the homeowner was looking for when finishing their basement and were glad to be able to make this a stylish new living space.

TBF Basement Renovation

These before and after pictures show an outdated basement that has been transformed into a bright and clean entertainment room.  In the before picture there is an exposed ceiling, cinderblock walls and a concrete floor. The after picture shows new beautiful flooring, bright walls and a finished ceiling. The homeowners will sure enjoy this now finished basement for years to come.

Basement Remodeling TBF

This before and after photoset is of a raised ranch basement. In the before picture you can see the outdated and unappealing wood paneling on the walls. The room also looks dark because the window is not allowing natural light to flow in. In the after picture you’ll see that our crew turned this dark and outdated basement into a bright, naturally-lit functional space.

ZenWall Installation

The inorganic materials that make up ZenWall — fiberglass, foil and vinyl, are all inorganic and will not rot or support mold growth, unlike the concrete walls in the before picture. It can also make up to a 10 degree difference in the surface temperature of the wall, adding comfort and saving energy. Aside from all of these benefits, ZenWall panels can be installed in any basement to make your walls look great! They dramatically brighten the room.

Everlast Full Wall Restoration

These walls were irreparably damaged by water. The owners decided to replace them with our EverLast Wall Panels.

By installing the EverLast Drywall Repair System, we not only repaired wet drywall damage, we also protected this basement from water damage in the future.

This wall system is created with inorganic materials-- materials that will not be damaged by water, and will not support the growth of mold or mildew. Additionally, the EverLast Finished Wall Panels used in this system are fully washable and are 197% stronger than drywall!

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